ABU on Léon

Attempt Abandoned


Boat Name: ABU on Léon
Owner: JPK Yachts
Skipper: Christian Teichmann
TCC: 1.028
Boat Type: JPK 10.30
Attempt Date: 25/09/2021
Elapsed Time: Attempt Abandoned
Corrected Time: Attempt Abandoned
Crew: Christian Teichmann Hugh Brayshaw

Long day in light winds

The forecast was alway going to make this record attempt a challenge –  but it was based upon the opportunity to try the JPK 10.30 in advance of the team taking delivery of their new boat in May 2022. Light airs testing with a slow VMG run out to the islands,  then round  and back up wind,  the forecast shift came through a touch too late,  and the increase in wind never really arrived.  maximum wind speed 13kts, but  90% of the time was under 10.

Two miles from the finish a huge thunder storm shut down the wind completely for a time,  and the dusk had turned to darkness (apart from the illuminating lightning)  and the decision was made to avoid any possible chance of a strike,  and head to port,  before crossing the finish line.

In a good Southerly or Northerly  wind, the course would be lots of fun,  with the tide rotating clockwise it makes sense to round the islands this way for optimal tidal conditions.  This team will be back next May when their new JPK 1030 ‘Vela Roja’ is delivered.