The advances of technology and our partnership with world renowned tracking providers YB Tracking allows simple and straight forward recording of your record attempt. All you need is a YB3 Professional tracker to get going!

If you don’t already own a YB3 Professional tracker there are three simple ways for you to get your hands on one: 

Option 1. LOAN

IRCRecords™ Partners and affiliated Clubs hold trackers which can be loaned to their customers and members. Check out the list to find a loan tracker near you, or get in touch with us through the CONTACT Page.

LocationTown, CountryOrganisationSponsorContact Details
EuropeCowes, UKFourthCape Ltdtracker
+44 1983 201146
EuropeRomsey, UKB&GB&GInfo to follow

Option 2. RENT

A tracker from YB Tracking.                             

Example rental pricing:  2 week rental of tracker to complete a record attempt with max. 32hrs of tracking inc. UK postage = £126.77 

For more information and for a rental quote contact YB Tracking.      

Option 3. BUY

Your very own YB3 Professional tracker. Standard RRP is £499 ex vat and each IRCRecords™ attempter will receive a 15% discount code on attempt submission.

(This is the preferred option for anyone thinking of taking on more than two record attempts.)  

For more information on the YB3 Professional Tracker including; Datasheet, User Manual, Set Up Guides and Tracker Support head to the YB Tracking Website: