Yes you will require a YB3 Professional Tracker to have your record ratified by IRCRecords™

You can Buy, Rent or Loan a YB Tracker for your attempt – See more information over on the TRACKER Page. 

Unfortunately IRCRecords™ will only ratify records that provide a transmitted feed and  data log from a YB Tracker

The Skipper and their crew assume all responsibility for their safety whilst attempting records. IRCRecords™ cannot assume any responsibility for record attempts.

There are three price bands
£130,  £150 &  £175

Yes, If you have taken part in a race that is also an IRCRecords course your start and finish times can be used for a record.  Your elapsed time as recorded by the race committee will be used to calculate your corrected time.

You do not require an endorsed IRC Certificate however an ‘e’ on the records will denote which records were attempted with an endorsed certificate

Yes, you can make multiple attempts on the same record,  within the record attempt window.

Courses may have specific supporters (sponsors), that may offer an award or  prize.  All successfully broken records will receive an official IRCRecords embossed record certificate.

We aim to have log files and declarations ratified within 3-5 working days

No, a record window is fixed once you confirm it and it is non transferable.

Even if establishing a record time – a record is deemed to be ‘Pending IRCRecords™ Ratification” when you refer to your record attempt that is awaiting ratification