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The COurse

An offshore race classic, getting out of the Solent and down through the Channel Islands is a navigators dream, the strong E-W & W-E currents give way to the Alderney race, which can be your friend, adding 6 knots of boat speed, or time it wrong and it’ll turn a dream run to a nightmare. Plenty of options to get from the start to the finish line, ‘inside’ or ‘outside’, the course is unconstrained by rules, so any navigable route is available between the start and finish lines.


The Royal Yacht Squadron Line, between the following coordinates : 50º 46.005’ N 001º 18.054 W and 50º 47.198’ N 001º 18.547’ W


The line between Buharats West buoy and Buharats East buoy 48º 40.235’ N 002º 07.479 W and 48º 40.237 N 002º 07.197’ W
Approx Distance: 150 NM



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