Canada Ocean Racing lowers RORC Transatlantic Course time

A record-breaking start for Canada Ocean Racing on their journey to the Vendee Globe in 2028

 The Canadian flagged team, led by President & Skipper Scott Shawyer from Ontario, has broken the IRCRecord for the RORC Transatlantic Course in the doublehanded class by more than 8 hours. The annual RORC Transatlantic race, which takes competitors from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, to Grenada, Caribbean, saw coskippers Scott Shawyer and Alan Roberts race 3000 miles to cross the line in 9 days 12 hours and 26 minutes, leading to a record breaking corrected time of 16 days 3 hours and 39 minutes.

The International Rating Certificate System (IRC) allows boats of different shapes and sizes to compete for the same records. Record attempts are calculated from a boat’s elapsed time on the course, and their measured ‘handicap’, the boat’s IRC TCC figure. This allows a relative corrected time to be determined which serves as a true demonstration of skills on a level playing field.

This record-breaking achievement is a milestone victory for the Canada Ocean Racing team in their first ever race. Being newly launched in August 2022, the team had a goal to finish safely and competitively in their first official race. So, to be breaking records this early in the team’s history, is a great sign for things to come.

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