A New Attempt

Light winds = abandoned attempt

Well,  not quite what we all expected,  the forecast was good,  though some disparity between the different weather models pointed to  some variability.   The wind was forecast to go ‘light’  at around 4pm.  The routing showed very similar times rounding the island in opposite directions, with an aim to get a full lap in before the wind disappeared.

The Redshift team headed across the start line just after 9:15 BST, having decided to head west – but as they made their way towards the first big land mark  of The Needles,  it was clear the wind had already shifted and started to drop.   By the time the team got to The Needles,  the wind was only 5knots, and today’s attempt was over.   You can see their attempt here  .   Setting records – even the first reference time, does not always go to plan.  Having got a taste for records, the team will be back on course,  on the next decent weather window.    IRCRecords™ allows multiple attempts on the same record in a 14 day window.